How to Have a Natural Birth: Easy Ways to Get Prepared

Simply put, natural birth is a method of childbirth without any medical intervention used in the birthing process. In this method, no epidurals, painkillers or anesthesia of any sort is administered to you, although alternative methods of pain reduction such as hydrotherapy can be employed. You have to go through natural stages of labor pain and contractions, unlike in episiotomy or c-section. This method is not fit for all the mothers-to-be, especially those who are at risk of abortion or premature birth contractions. Nonetheless, it is important to know the prospects and the potential cons of natural birth and also know how to have a natural birth.

How to Have a Natural Birth

1. Choose the Location

The place where you decide to give birth is going to be special for you, and for the rest of your life. However, there are important decisions to make before choosing a location. One has to keep in mind the availability of a trained and experienced caretaker or mid-wife. The availability of medical supplies in case of emergency is another important decision to be made. You can choose to give birth in a hospital, home or a care center of your preference.

2. Select a Labor Support

This is a technique when a person is assigned specifically to comfort and help you through labor. This has been proven useful for many mothers when having a natural birth as it reduces the requirement of painkillers, suction pumps or c-sections. One-on-one labor is also useful for emotional changes you may go through during labor.

3. Get Ample Prenatal Education

It is extremely important for the couple to educate themselves about prenatal techniques such as self-hypnosis, breathing exercises and relaxing exercises, which are helpful during the process of birth. In some cases, hospitals also give classes regarding managing yourself during birth giving. These classes are helpful as they provide professional opinions and experience.

4. Massage Therapy to Ease the Discomfort

Massaging can aid in reducing the intensity of labor pain by increasing the blood circulation to the abdomen and opening up the muscles. It is also helpful in reducing pain and relaxing the nerves at the time of birth.

5. Change Your Physical Positions Periodically

The pain experienced during the process of birth can be softened with a change in position; this change can occur a few times throughout the entire experience. The reason behind this is that as the child is making its way out of the uterus, certain positions are more comforting and easing than others.

6. Try Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis calls for deep attention and concentration, but once the skill is perfected, it can prove more useful than drugs. Mental focus is extremely important when having a natural birth, which is also similar to the concept of self-hypnosis. Therefore, this technique can prove dual purpose if used in natural birth.

7. More Tips on Having a Natural Birth

With the right education and guidance, you can give birth naturally without experiencing too much pain and discomfort.


What to Do

Maintain recommended weight

Studies have shown that lower BMI facilitates a smoother delivery, as opposed to overweight women who face more complications.

Speak to your mother

What better place to get advice than your mom! Talk to your mother about her experiences and how she got through. Talk to her about your phobias and concerns. If your mother has given natural birth, you might get some priceless advice which no consultant could have given you.

Make sure to compile the details of your birth plan

Sometimes, sorting out your plan on a piece of paper can be more helpful that any advice or counselling. Make a birth plan and discuss it with your doctor or mid-wife, and listen to what they propose in order to achieve it.

Get the help from a doula

Doula is a friend, an assistant and a care-giver who helps in improving the overall outcomes in the pregnancy with careful advice and active help.

Keep yourself moving

Walking is useful for focusing your mind and letting go of any anxiety that tends to build up as the time of birth nears. It also helps work the thigh muscles and provide strength during birth.

Use a birthing ball

This ball takes pressure of your legs while exercising.

Use cold and hot compresses

Compresses are useful in loosening sore or tight muscles as well as in relieving mild pain or discomfort.

Settle your mood

It is extremely important to create a comfortable environment around you to help you through the process. You can have your favorite scent sprayed in the room, burn some scented candles and dim the lights as per comfort.

Want to learn suggestions on natural birth from an experienced mom? Check this video out:

Things You Should Know Before Opting for Natural Birth

Before deciding to opt for a natural childbirth, it is important that you understand it to the fullest. There are many ups and downs associated with this mode of delivery.

1. Advantages of Natural Birth

The natural birth is the best way to experience childbirth. In this method, you have full control of your body as well as most of other aspects to your comfort. Below are some main advantages of natural birth:

  • The feeling of full consciousness after giving birth is something you will cherish forever. It leaves you with a greater sense of pride and responsibility about your child.
  • You can make use of alternative techniques such as hydrotherapy, breathing exercises and self-hypnosis to help you get through pain and discomfort.
  • Allopathic medicines always have side effects, so with natural birth, you can avoid all the side effects or possible harms that your baby could have faced.
  • You can keep adjusting yourself as per comfort during the process.
  • You can involve your partner in this experience as well which strengthens the completely family bond.
  • You can avoid the use of suction pumps, anesthetics and any surgical interventions, which come with their own set of risks and complications.

2. Disadvantages of Natural Birth

If you are considering this method of childbirth, you should know that primary human behaviors like fear, pain and discomfort at the time of delivery can abolish the positive feelings of pride and comfort.Medical or pharmacological interventions are more suitable for you if you have phobias of pain or fear of passing out during childbirth. Some women are not strong enough to undergo such a strenuous process, for whom surgical or interventional procedures are recommended.

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