10 Most Popular Mom Blogs

There is a very special place for moms on the internet known as mom blogs. Written by moms, they can be useful sources of information on many things mom need, such aslife-hacks, kids eating and diet, personal experiences and product reviews to help make your life a breeze.

10 Most Popular Mom Blogs You Can’t Miss

There are a lot of mom blogs out on the internet, but out of all of them, we found the most popular 10 mom blogs.These address a variety of helpful issues, offer encouragement and support, and make life easier all around.

1. I Am Not the Babysitter

This mom blog addresses adoption and breastfeeding.

The blog was started by Jamie Lynne Grumet, a mother of two sons. One son is her biological child and the other is an adopted Ethiopian child. Jamie’s vision for the blog in the beginning was to help her through the process of adopting her son from Ethiopia. This blog focuses on Jamie’s own experiences with parenting issues such as adoption, travel, attachment parenting, global awareness, encouraging and helping other women.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://www.iamnotthebabysitter.com/

2. Jolly Mom

This mom blog has helpful product reviews, recipes and great craft ideas.

Piera Jolly is the mother of a son and a daughter. She started the blog as a way to share pictures of her son. More than that, Piera loved the fact that she could connect with others through her blog. This blog offers kid-friendly recipes, DIY projects for busy moms and kids, green-friendly tips, and fun activities to do with your kids.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://www.jollymom.com/ 

3. DIY Inspired

This mom blog shares lots of DIY ideas for repurposing, crafting and projects.

Dinah works from home and loves crafting! She has a college degree, but decided to stay home after the birth of her daughter. She was inspired by several DIY experts and decided to create a blog all about “do it yourself” and crafting. She features blog readers’ work as well which makes for exciting interaction. She likes to share her projects and ideas from her own with many other moms who participate on her site.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://www.diyinspired.com/

4. Scary Mommy

Here you can find valuable information for moms, including pregnancy, birth, adolescence and more.

Jill Smokier started Scary Mommy as her baby book online. Jill has 3 kids of ages 10, 8 and 6, and lives in Baltimore. Her community has grown over the last six years to include other mommy’s sharing stories about life with kids.

This is a place to share mommy stories, fundraising for families in need, traveling with kids, social media connections and message boards to connect with others who have similar parenting issues.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://www.scarymommy.com/

5. Run Salt Run

This mom blog highlights one mom’s road to fitness, yoga practice and being a mother.

This blog was started by Lauren aka “salt” who is a working mom, wife of a car salesman with a daughter, two cats and a fish. She writes about her fitness journey and juggling life with a family. Salt writes about everything from her fitness routines, yoga and running to parenting issues with her daughter. She discusses diet, decorating for kids rooms, how to fit in exercise and even how to find online yoga classes.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://runsaltrun.com/  

6. The Full Plate

This mom blog talks about multiple adoptions of international and special-needs kids.

This blog is written by a mother of nine adopted children from different countries. Seven are international kids, and two have special needs. She is an advanced practice nurse, small business owner, wife and adoption advocate.

Just about everything! This mom is busy with nine growing kids, so she has experienced a lot. Currently, she is blogging about a new baby girl they are in the process of adopting and all the hurdles of adopting a child from another country. This blog is a must read for parents thinking of adopting across borders.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://fullplatemom.com/

7. Mama in Heels

This mom blog gives busy moms tips on how to pamper themselves and feel beautiful, dress with style, healthy recipes and lifestyle tips.

Janise is a busy mom of twin boys. She runs her own company, is a dedicated Yogi and loves interior decorating.

This blog focuses on providing beauty and style tips for busy moms who want to feel and look wonderful. It also has life tips for cooking, decorating, choosing the perfect wine for parties and much more.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://www.mamainheels.com/

8. A Nut in a Nutshell

This mom blog is mostly product reviews and giveaways. It also has recipes, travel, home, entertainment, and tech advice.

The blog is written by Liz Mays. She blogs professionally from the beautiful coast of North Carolina. She shares recipes, travel write ups, home decorating tips, tech advice and more.

This blog has some great product reviews if you are thinking about buying the latest new product. There are giveaways for free stuff and reviews on travel destinations. She also gives helpful food and restaurant reviews, and recipes for busy nights.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://www.anutinanutshell.com/

9. The Happy Hausfrau

This mom blog touches on some more sensitive life issues such as divorce, single motherhood, dealing with difficult situations and people.

A 40ish single mom of teenagers who talks about dealing with the bumps in the road of life, being a single parent, financial woes and handling it all with grace and dignity.

It talks about the day to day issues of recovering from divorce, raising teenagers alone as a single mom with a completely absent parent, financial recovery, judgment of others, and all the ups and downs of life.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://happyhausfrau.blogspot.com/

10. From ABC’s To ACT’s

This mom blog touches on homeschooling, autism, sensory processing disorder and fun activities for kids with special needs.

Amber is a married stay-at-home mom who homeschools her children. Her oldest son has autism and sensory processing disorder. She loves coffee, Pinterest and 80’s music. She includes lots of advice for homeschooling moms with helpful links about autism and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

She goes through fun things to do with toddlers and older children. There are craft projects and things that appeal to a child’s senses, like finger painting. She explains the decision to homeschool her autistic son and why conventional school and therapy did not work for them. There are also plenty of printable resources for coloring and crafts.

Visit the mom blog to find out more: http://fromabcstoacts.com/

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