10 Funny and Interesting Pregnancy Movies

Pregnancy is a miracle and a major turning point in your life as it is filled with hopefulness, anticipation, and uncertainty. The new life growing within you trumps any hurdles such as cravings or morning sickness. Despite all our knowledge, there are still plenty of possibilities to occur and this is particularly true in fictional movies. Pregnancy is dramatic for everyone and first time parents might not know exactly what to expect. Pregnancy movies take advantage of this to emphasize drama and crazy things that can happen during this time.

10 Recommended Pregnancy Movies

1.  Baby Boom, 1987

?General Introduction: This movie is about a single woman who focuses on her career until she needs to take care of a one-year-old baby after her cousin dies. Her life changes drastically almost overnight, causing her to lose her job and some friends. In the end she manages to make the transition to be a mommy, the process is entertaining to watch.

?What Parents Like: The romance that occurs between the two main characters played by Keaton and Shephard is incredibly sweet and makes moms want to go to the vet.

2. For Keeps, 1988

?General Introduction: In this movie Molly Ringwald plays a high school senior who accidentally gets pregnant. Instead of getting an abortion or giving the baby up for adoption, Ringwald and her boyfriend make sacrifices and raise the baby.

What Parents Like: Although the film has a happy ending, it shows that the path to successful parenting is challenging. The couple makes many sacrifices including French roast coffee and college.

3. Nine Months, 1995

?General Introduction: The main character, played by Hugh Grant, is thrown for a loop when his girlfriend who he’d been dating for five years gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby. Julianne Moore plays the saintly mom-to-be while Grant gets frustrated along the way.

?What Parents Like: Robin Williams adds a great deal of comic relief to the movie as a Russian doctor with a nervous bedside manner and poor vocabulary skills. At one point, Grant even beats up a dinosaur that resembles Barney.

4. Raising Arizona, 1987

?General Introduction: This movie explores the world of a couple who wants a child so badly that they not only consider stealing one, but actually do it. Holly Hunter plays a police photographer who has always wanted a child and has her ex-con husband kidnap one for her from a group of quintuplets from Arizona. Afterwards, everyone wants to keep the baby.

?What Parents Like: The narrative that Nicolas Cage (the male lead) uses throughout the movie are witty and comical, using humorous and colorful terms. At one point he describes their inability to conceive by saying “Edwina’s insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase.”

5. Baby Mama, 2008

?General Introduction: This comedy is completely candid and fearless when it comes to topics such as surrogacy, pregnancy, and infertility despite not being the typical subjects found in comedies. Throughout the movie the characters mock a woman’s lack of ability to conceive and another sees pregnancy as if it were a big pain. There are also white trash stereotypes but even that character (played by Amy Poehler) has a good soul.

?What Parents Like: This film takes an unusual view of pregnancy and is great for moms to be that need a good laugh.In the movie Poehler and co-star Tina Fey make you laugh happily.

6. Juno, 2008

?General Introduction: This is a warmhearted comedy about teen pregnancy and when it came out, it was one of the biggest box office hits. The movie involves plenty of sex talk and a bit of swearing so it isn’t necessarily ideal to watch with young children, but older teens will enjoy it. By the end, it becomes obvious that the view of teen pregnancy is mature and sensitive.

?What Parents Like:This movie is very relatable and great for future parents of any age. It is full of positive messages which also make it good for parents to show their teens.

7. Knocked Up, 2007

?General Introduction: This movie has an R rating because of strong language, explicit conversations, nudity, and drug use. The movie is open and honest and involves a couple who unexpectedly get pregnant. You can expect to find drug use from the future father and other physiological elements of pregnancy blatantly displayed including conception and crowning.

?What Parents Like: Like some of the other movies on this list, this one is very relatable, making it appealing to parents to be. Parents of teens may also enjoy it as a way to show their kids the consequences of unsafe sex.

8. Father of the Bride 2, 1995

?General Introduction: Just after Steve Martin’s character finally accepted that his oldest child is married, he has to adapt to becoming a grandfather as well. At the same time, he learns that he will also be a dad again and to make matters worse, he sold the family home without discussing it with any family members.

?What Parents Like: This movie is comical and gives parents a chance to step outside of their lives and realize that theirs isn’t as complicated as they may think.

9. What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 2012

?General Introduction: This movie follows several different couples as they start their journey through parenthood. The characters range from fitness gurus to dancers to race-car drivers to photographers and even food truck owners. You follow each couple along their emotional and physical challenges.

?What Parents Like: Not only does the range of couples in the movie give everyone something to learn, but they do so in a comical way, keeping it interesting for everyone.

10. Waitress, 2007

?General Introduction: In this film Keri Russell plays a waitress Jenna who is known for her delicious and creative pies. She finds out she is pregnant with the child of her abusive husband, Earl, and is worried about being constantly connected to him. In the end she finds new romance and finds that her baby can give her a new start.

?What Parents Like: The movie is sweet and shows that despite hardships, mothers can have ultimate and undeniable love for their babies.

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